Pastor Pete's Story 
I was born in Adrian, Michigan in 1955. I grew up in Blissfield, Michigan in Lenawee County. I was the oldest of eight children. When I was real young, my father worked all the time and was not yet saved. My mom was the one who opened the door to Christianity for all of us. In the early days, she was a baptist and was a prayer warrior! I never had a chance! She prayed for her family ALWAYS! I was good until I hit the teen years. I made life rough for both me and my family. I was in my teens in the late 60's and early 70's and I just started rebelling against everything. I started doing drugs and drinking alcohol. I grew my first marijuana field at age 12 right there in Riga, Michigan. I got busted for breaking and entering, public intoxication, minor in possession to name a few and was in and out of jail for several years. I ran away from home at age 16 and went to Ann Arbor, Michigan and became a flower child living a hippy life style. Back then, you could find me at the U of M campus in a t-shirt with a peace sign on the front of it. I had long hair, was high all the time, and was a demonstrator against the war in Vietnam.

Then one day in late '72 my dad got saved after being invited to Souls Harbor, a spirit-filled church in Toledo, Ohio. During this time, I saw my dad changed when he was born-again. After that I began to get very curious about the changes in my dad who was an alcoholic for 20 years. Then one night I was so drunk and high, acting like a fool and I felt God calling me. That same night I hitchhiked all the way from Blissfield to Toledo by the drawing of the Holy Spirit. I was so messed up I wasn't even hurt when a semi literally hit my hand as I was hitchhiking on U.S. 23!! Don't ask me how or why my hand did not break. When I finally got there, I walked into the church (Souls Harbor) where people were praying and worshiping God. Without any inhibitions, with my long hair and long army coat, I ran down the isle and threw myself down and began to cry and weep. It is then that I gave my life to Christ.

I was 18 when I met Pastor Shirley in Toledo, Ohio. She ended up in San Antonio, I followed her and from there we eloped because her mom refused to release her to me. Who could blame her? Then from 1974-1980, together we were in a back-slidden condition. Where the bible says seven times worse, I experienced that. My addictions were to the point where I had O.D.'d three times. By this time, we had three daughters and I was losing everything. My job and my house, which was about to be repossessed. But God had put two people together for a bigger purpose than we could have ever known. One day, in Tecumseh where I lived, I woke up with my face in a puddle of vomit.  As I lay there, I heard the Lord say in a loud audible voice "What are you going to do now?" That's when I became saved again forever and for the last time. I realize now how Satan tried to destroy me and take me out of the plan God has for my life. We would get so crazy. But the Lord was going to have His way with me. I  remember prior to getting saved again, I again was in a state of getting ready to pass out in my drunkenness. As I lay on the floor, as God is my witness, there was a guy with a black top hat and black cape sitting with his legs crossed on my couch. He was so smug as he filed his nails looking down on me as I was about to pass out. I realize how I allowed my lifestyle to keep me from the purposes of God for my life. It was a war for my soul and my life, and Satan thought he had it in the bag. But he was wrong.  That's when I really turned my life over to God. God's calling on my life has always been strong. I believe for this reason I have had several supernatural experiences, both before and after I was saved. One day I was sitting in my house, just me and my daughter Angela who was three years old at the time. We had this big picture window. Angela crawled up on my lap and just then a huge angelic being came through the picture window. He was so tall and majestic. We both froze and could do nothing but weep. This angel was bringing a miracle of healing and a calling to my life in a greater way than I have ever known. The call of God had come to my life. Then, through various alignments with Christian ministries, I began to fulfill my calling. One day I was in my prayer closet and again, I heard the Lord say to me in a loud audible voice "Feed my sheep" and I knew it was God's specific will for my life to be a shepherd for the Lord. This obedience took me and my wife in the direction of leading home bible studies. There was a small group of us just hungry for the Word of God. We met faithfully and studied the bible as God groomed me to become a Pastor - A Shepherd, with sheep. These meetings progressed into an actual House of God. During this time, I was pastored by many great men of God. I served two years as an Apostolic Attendant to the late Dr. Charles O. Miles of the International Gospel Center in Ecorse, Michigan. Other great men of God who were instrumental in helping me see and fulfill God's plan for my life were R. W. Shambach of Tyler, Texas who laid hands on me. Dr. Morris Cerullo of San Diego, CA for whom I became an Executive Elder in 2003. My first Pastors of Souls Harbor Pastor John Wesley Fletcher and W. V. Grant, Jr. are all mighty men whom God has placed in life and have been used to help me fulfill what I have been called to do. Those who were instrumental in my ordination are Dr. Charles Rogers, Prophet Timothy Meyers, and Apostle Samuel Ukaegbu.
Since then, I have gone on mission trips to evangelize the word of God. Trips include India, Antilles Isles, and Wales in the 90's. I became ordained as a minister on August 20, 1992. In prayer and led by the Holy Spirit, my wife and I founded Jesus is Lord Ministries, God's Power Unlimited! World Outreach Center, Inc., which was ordained on the 22nd of February, 1993. For the last twenty years, I have been sold out to Jesus and will be until His return!


 Souls Harbor Church, Toledo, Ohio 1972


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