Missionary Vison and Efforts

Republic of Panama

Esther's Nursery School
The age of the children who attend this Ugandan school is from four to six years old. Children's books are needed for this school. Please think about helping.

Missionary Efforts within JILM:
Our support for missionary field work is for the near and far. We hope through these acts of love, it is proof to those who are receiving, that there is a God who loves and cares for them. We pray that this might also cause them to want to know more about God. You might never know how good it feels to give to those who are so much less fortunate than ourselves or be a part of leading someone you don't know to Christ, if you don't find a way to help.
If you want to help support the efforts abroad or near, please think about what you can do. Money, food, clothing, children's book, school supplies. Your prayers are also much needed. Please go to our Donations Page and give whatever you can whenever you can. We will be sure all donations specified for these purposes are used exactly for that. If you bring in food, clothing, or children's books and school supplies we will use them according to present needs, near or far. Please see our Benevolence Page to help locally.
Missionary Field Work:
Missionary Families:

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