Meet the Pastors

Pastor Pedro Valdez - a man of God with a vision. His desire is to fulfill the plans and purposes that God has called for his life and for the people of the church that he has been called to shepherd. His desire is also to see the church built up, healed, and delivered. He has been called into the five fold ministry and has a heart to be a helper in world evangelism, locally and internationally. He is led by the Holy Spirit to teach the church to flow in deliverance and teach the revelation of Christ. His plan is to see the church mature and come into all the blessings of God. God has given him the ability to bring hope to the hopeless, downcast, and defeated through the teaching of the Word of God and the unconditional love of God to all. His calling in serving the Lord is not only to make converts, but to make disciples for Christ. It is a burden in his heart to help bring others into the calling God has for their life. Pastor is a man who truly loves and cares for all people and their souls. He is an anointed, spirit-filled, man of God who will serve, honor, and glorify his Father in heaven until His return.

Pastor Shirley Valdez - living the miracles of God through His Word. An anointed Women of God who has submitted herself in obedience to God's Word to move in a "right now" Prophetic and Healing Ministry for over twenty years. Through divine release, many have entered into a greater relationship with God as she has guided them through His Word leaving them with a yearning for more of God in their life. She will share the revelation of God's truth as He revealed the roots of those symptoms we call addiction, poverty, low self-esteem, aggression, anger, anxiety, hopelessness, perfectionism, obsession, depression and how we have victory through His Divine Word. Knowledge that God uses to refresh your memory of the Majesty of Jesus Christ.



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